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COVID-19 Information Bulletin
    August 2021

      Updated Frequently





  • Air Station Clearwater has returned to a regular work schedule. Modified work schedules may be accommodated on a case by case basis.


  • All military and civilian personnel onboard Air Station Clearwater shall carry an approved cloth face covering or N95 with them at all times.
  • All visitors and unvaccinated personnel assigned to Air Station Clearwater shall wear a cloth face covering while on base when they are either within six feet of other personnel or around other personnel in a confined space for an extended period of time.
  • All personnel are required to wear a cloth face covering or N95 when inside the Air Station Clearwater Medical Clinic.
  • Face coverings requirements may be relaxed at supervisor discretion in the interest of safety or member health.
  • Wearing masks during aviation operations will be at the discretion of the Pilot in Command.
  • Mask Requirements:
    - Cloth and Solid color: blue, black, gray, white are preferred
    - At least two-ply
    - No markings, sayings, symbols or other adornments
    - No single layer sun gaiter style masks
    - No Valves
  • Any assigned member who desires to wear an N95 on base will be issued one upon request. Requests for an N95 should be made in person through the Safety Department.
  • Supervisors should maximize social distancing when possible.
  • Supervisors shall establish procedures to clean spaces, common hardware and tools throughout the workday and at the end of each shift.
  • Public tours and on base group gatherings of personnel not assigned to Air Station Clearwater are prohibited.
  • Base gyms are limited to Coast Guard Active Duty and civilian personnel stationed at Air Station Clearwater and are subject to capacity limitations
  • Members are responsible for cleaning gym equipment and surfaces in common spaces after use. Contact Facilities Engineering if no cleaning supplies are available.
  • All Hands Training Days and Morale Events will adhere to capacity limits, social distancing and other mitigating protocols.
  • Capacity Limitation on Air Station Clearwater are as follows:
    - Outside spaces: 400
    - Inside either hangar with doors open: 400
    - Redtail Lounge: 30
    - Annex Auditorium: 50
    - Pool and Pool Deck (combined): 30
    - Pool Gym: 10
    - Pool Vestibule Fitness Area: 5
    - Annex Gym: 12
    - Barber Shop: 5
    - Galley Dining Seating: 18
    - Galley Wardroom Seating: 8


  • The below activities are restricted for unvaccinated members:
    - Social gatherings greater than 10 people for any time greater than 10 minutes where six feet of social distancing is not maintained or masks are not used by all attendees.
    - Attendance at any theme parks, weddings, funerals, assisted living facilities, or sporting events.
    - Travel on a civilian airplane, bus, or train.
  • Unvaccinated members who plan to engage in any activity, regardless of duty status or location, where they expect to meet the criteria listed above; shall request permission through their chain of command using a ASCW Restricted Travel or Activity Request, see supervisor for details.
  • Department Heads are the approval authority for Restricted Travel or Activity requests.
  • Foreign leave/leisure travel for Military Personnel is authorized, but requires a command endorsement and approval from the first Flag Officer/SES in chain of command. As per district policy, foreign leave/leisure travel requests from unvaccinated members will not be considered.
  • Frequenting establishments whose social distancing protocols, seating arrangements or capacities prevent an unvaccinated member from adhering to the above guidance should be avoided.
  • Temporarily taking off a mask to eat or drink does not constitute a violation of mask requirements listed above.
  • If members cohabitate with someone who engages in one of the restricted activities (listed above), there is no reporting or approval required. However, if that cohabitant becomes ill or is notified they may have been exposed, then the member is required to contact the Duty HS prior to returning to work.
  • Civilian employees are encouraged to avoid restricted activities. They do not need to request permission to engage in any of the restricted activities. However, unvaccinated civilian employees are required to contact the Duty HS prior to returning to work if they have engaged in any of the restricted activities. Civilian employees should work with their supervisors to establish the most effective method of contacting the Duty HS.
  • Restriction of Movement (ROM):
    - Following all Air Station Clearwater local procedures meets the requirements of a ROM.
    - Members required to ROM will report to work during the ROM period.
    - Members required to ROM should not be permitted to engage in any of the restricted activities listed above without a specific exemption outlined in the ROM requirements.
    - Members required to ROM should discuss with their Supervisor a plan to meet the ROM requirements prior to the start of the ROM period.


  • Members shall contact the duty HS prior to returning to work if:
    - they feel ill
    - they are unvaccinated and have engaged in any of the restricted activities listed above, regardless of duty status or location.
    - Have interacted with a known COVID positive person or anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, diarrhea, or other gastro-intestinal illness for more than10 minutes in the last 14 days.
    - A member of their household is under investigation for exposure or is notified they may have been exposed.
  • Members should not get tested for COVID-19 without first contacting the Duty HS
  • The Senior Medical Officer shall make a recommendation to the Commanding Officer for all members requiring Isolation, Self-Monitor and Quarantine as per the U.S. Coast Guard COVID-19 Risk Assessment Flowchart.


  • PCS related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found at the CG COVID-19 Information page:
  • A PCS Float Plan is required for some members transferring in from AY2021. All E-7 and above are authorized to approve PCS Float Plans.
  • Members inbound to Air Station Clearwater shall contact the Duty HS (727-423-2024) upon arrival to the local area to determine if there are any COVID-19 exposure concerns.
    - The Senior Medical Officer will evaluate the details of a member's travel and direct them to Self-Monitor, Quarantine, or Isolate from others.
    - The Duty HS will provide detailed guidance to assist members with the following appropriate guidelines.
  • After checking in with the Duty HS, members shall contact the Duty YN (727-259-3993) to check-in and receive an entitlements brief.


The COVID-19 pandemic may create significant hardships for you and your families.  Please keep your supervisor advised on your specific challenges.  Several support mechanisms are already in place:

  • The Air Station Chaplain, LT Amaro: (727) 639-0018. He is at the Air Station on Wednesdays.
  • CG SUPRT: or (855) 247-8778 
  • Spouses and families are encouraged to stay in contact with our unit Ombudsmen, Claire Dewechter and Heather Mason.
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) loans are available if needed. Our Work Life department is standing by to assist. More information can be found here:  
  • If you were forced to cancel any travel plans, the command can provide you a letter which may help you recoup some of your losses. Please contact your DH or the CMC for a template.




Ombudsman Program

Purpose of Program
An Ombudsman serves as a link between a Coast Guard command and the families of the command. An Ombudsman can assist families in locating resources, communicate information from the command to the families, and take concerns of families to the command.

Program Confidentiality
Discussions of the Ombudsman Program may be confidential except family violence that must be reported. An Ombudsman must be able to distinguish between issues suitable for public discussion and those requiring confidentiality.

Point of Contact
If you need assistance please contact the Command Ombudsman:

Claire Dewechter
(727) 698 6089

Heather Mason
(727) 698-6085