Sector Charleston


Charleston, South Carolina


Sector Charleston Emergency Management & Force Readiness



The Emergency Management and Force Readiness Staff is responsible for writing and maintaining the unit’s all-hazards contingency response plans.  Some of these are the unit Hurricane Plan, the Area Maritime Security Plan, a Mass Rescue Operation Plan, and the Area Contingency Plan.  The staff also organizes and directs various exercises to evaluate and test these plans.  Much of the staff’s work involves cooperating with other government agencies at the federal, state, and local level, along with the maritime stakeholders in the port of Charleston.  Additionally the staff is charged with organizing and coordinating the Sector Ready for Operations program.  This is a comprehensive assessment of the training and readiness of the four small boat stations, three aids to navigation teams, two patrol boats and one construction tender that fall under the Sector’s responsibility. 


Main Numbers

 (843) 740-7067 or (843) 813-8150