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Hurricane "season" runs from June 1 through November 30. Prior to hurricane season, Coast Guard bases increase readiness by June 1 and practice for approaching hurricanes. You should do the same! This above pocket guide provides numerous resources and recommendations for emergency preparedness and other information that might be helpful during and evacuation. PLEASE KEEP THE ABOVE GUIDE FOR REFERENCE THROUGHOUT THE HURRICANE SEASON!

Hurricanes are dangerous storms. The impact of each storm is unique and dependent, among other things, on wind speed, direction and speed of movement, height of tide at impact, and location of impact. Flooding may be sporadic, based not only on the storm itself, but also any storms that may have preceded a hurricane that could have saturated the soil. Wind and flood damage can be much more dangerous on the northeast quadrant of a storm than on the southwest quadrant of the very same storm. Do not assume that you are not at risk from the next hurricane because your house survived the last three hurricanes.

The safety and protection of Coast Guard members and their families is of paramount concern during preparations for an approaching hurricane. If an evacuation is authorized, the Commander of Sector Key West assists in facilitating the evacuation of Coast Guard members and dependents.

Although unit evacuations and cost reimbursement occur at the direction of the Coast Guard District Commander, it is paramount that you heed the warnings of local emergency management officials for the safety of yourself and family. An evacuation that is authorized by local authorities is highly likely to be supported by the District Commander, and therefore subject to cost reimbursement.

Sector Key West Hurricane Hotline: (305) 292-7500 Option 2

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