Welcome Aboard CGC SEQUOIA (WLB-215)!

Your department head and supervisor will provide a departmental indoctrination packet to assist you in understanding your new duties and responsibilities. REMEMBER - do not be afraid to ask questions!

Our goal is to educate you and make you part of our team. Join us in our goal to maintain SEQUOIA as the finest buoy tender with the best crew in the Coast Guard!. Aboard SEQUOIA we must all rely on each other for our safety, comfort, welfare, and even our lives. Going to sea is an inherently dangerous occupation. Servicing aids to navigation is even more dangerous as we often sail in places where no prudent sailor would voluntarily go. I encourage you to act maturely and professionally at all times and to always be alert in the performance of your duties. Take advantage of your time aboard to increase your knowledge and abilities and to advance your career in the Coast Guard. Be a good shipmate; you are already an important member of the crew.