Air Station Traverse City

Air Station Traverse City

Ombudsman's Message

Who is eligible for this program?
The Ombudsman Program is available to all Active Duty, Reserve, and dependent members of Team Coast Guard

Purpose of this program.
An Ombudsman serves as a link between a Coast Guard command and the families of the command. An Ombudsman can assist families in locating resources, communicate information from the command to the families, and take concerns of families to the command.

An Ombudsman is a volunteer (who may be a spouse, Reservist, or Auxiliarist) that is designated by a command to serve as a link between the command and families, assisting the command in its functions of providing information and related services to families regarding sources of assistance available to them, Coast Guard and command policies, and activities of interest to family members.

Program Confidentiality
Discussions of the Ombudsman program may be confidential, except family violence that must be reported. An Ombudsman must be able to distinguish between issues suitable for public discussion and those requiring confidentiality.

Services and Resources Available
Ombudsman services can be obtained by contacting the Ombudsman Coordinator.

Local Ombudsman: Laura Axelson -

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Ombudsman Coordinator or your local Ombudsman, or if you need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact Ms. Chrstine Degraw at

Office of Work-Life (CG-111)
The Coast Guard Work-Life Program website.