Air Station Traverse City

Air Station Traverse City

Reporting Aboard

On April 7 2010, the United States Coast Guard designated Traverse City, MI as the 10th Coast Guard City. Traverse City has made special efforts to acknowledge the professional work of the Coast Guard men and women assigned to the Grand Traverse area. Traverse City has worked very hard to make Coast Guard men and women and their families feel at home in this region, and that is an invaluable contribution to morale and service excellence.

Northern Michigan is an area rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage, and close-knit communities. Agriculture and maritime activities are especially important to the region, which contains the largest freshwater reserve on earth. While a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, the area also has all modern amenities at close reach. As a member of the Air Station, you will play a role in maintaining safety and security on a waterway system that holds tremendous national significance.

Traverse City has about 16,000 residents and is a popular resort location with no government quarters nearby. Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties form the broader region and are dotted with rural communities that together house roughly 100,000, including the 140 Air Station members. Housing costs can be high and availability varies with the season.

Understanding that military moves can be stressful times, Air Station Traverse City is dedicated to assisting new members to ensure their relocation goes as smooth as possible. Once orders are received electronically, the Administration Department will assign a sponsor, who is responsible for assisting new members with their transition. It is highly encouraged to keep your sponsor up to date on travel plans, progress, and personal contact information, so that you can be reached if needed.