Coast Guard Station (small) Sodus Point History

Coast Guard Station Sodus Point was an active Coast Guard station until Spring 1972. Upon deactivation, the local Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla requested use of the facilities for the purpose of holding meetings and conducting training. In late Summer of the same year, the Coast Guard implemented a pilot program to test a new idea...the Auxiliary Operated (AUXOP) station. AUXOP Station Sodus Point was the first unit in the nation redesigned under this concept. With no reduction in the number of search and rescue responses in the vicinity of Sodus Bay, AUXOP Sodus Point remained open to carry its share of the search and rescue caseload with neighboring Stations Rochester and Oswego. Its mission was clear - provide seamless and immediate search and rescue coverage along the southern shore of Lake Ontario, relying upon the skill and resources of the all-volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary. Following the reorganization, a new Auxiliary Flotilla formed nearby. Flotilla 4-4 was chartered with members from Flotilla 2-12 to augment the Station. Subsequent to the AUXOP designation, the Coast Guard transferred a full-time active duty member to the Station. This Coast Guardsman, the "Officer in Charge," supported and directed auxiliary efforts during the prosecution of search and rescue cases.

The dedication and professionalism of AUXOP Sodus Point's charter members won the respect of mariners and Coast Guard officials alike. The concept testing phase of AUXOP Station was a success and several other units in the Ninth Coast Guard District have been downsized and/or reopened to operate under the proven AUXOP Station organization. In 1994, the Officer in Charge of AUXOP Station Sodus Point was designated as order issuing authority for Flotilla 4-7, which operates on Seneca Lake, one of New York's picturesque Finger Lakes. AUXOP Sodus Point's Auxiliary crewmembers continue to meet the operational challenges of the boating public during the busy boating season from mid-May through mid-September every year.