Sector Northern Great Lakes Vessel Traffic Service

(906) 635-3232



Forward Looking, Focused on Prevention


To facilitate safe and efficient waterborne commerce. Specifically, VTS St. Mary's River exists so that it may prevent groundings, rammings, and collisions, and mitigate their environmental impact by sharing information and implementing appropriate traffic management measures.


   • Provide accurate, timely, useful information to the maritime industry.
   • use waterways management partnerships to identify areas of improvement.
   • Maintain a high level of expertise through annual qualification programs and professional development opportunities.
   • Reduce cycle time of qualification to provide highly trained personnel to meet customer requirements.
   • Maintain strong public relations.
   • Prevent emergency situations through education and intervention.
   • Use contingency plans, policies, and procedures to mitigate the impact of collisions, groundings, and ramming. 

 VTS Users Guide