Congratulations on receiving orders to USCGC CAMPBELL, homeported at the historic Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME. This page is intended to make your transition from your current unit to the CAMPBELL as seamless and easy as possible. If you have any questions that aren't answered by the resources presented below, be sure to contact your sponsor directly or via the CAMPBELL quarterdeck at (207)438-6680.

Welcome Aboard


·  First, please take a moment to read our Welcome Aboard Message. It contains some good general information that will be useful throughout your transfer.




Administrative Requirements

Please have the following documents available when you report:

·  Original Orders

·  Unit PDR

·  Medical Record

·  Training Record

Uniform of the Day


·  If you are reporting between 15SEP and 15MAR, report to CAMPBELL wearing Standard Dress Bravo's.

·  If you are reporting between 15MAR and 15SEP, report to CAMPBELL wearing Tropical Blue Long.

Where to Report


·  If CAMPBELL is in port report to the CAMPBELL quarterdeck, which is located at Pier 6 onboard the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery Maine. Your sponsor should arrange to meet you upon your arrival and assist you in getting situated, it is recommended that you call ahead to inform your sponsor of your travel plans and ensure he is onboard the day you are scheduled to report. If your sponsor cannot be onboard the day you report, the OOD will assign somebody to guide you around and you will meet with your sponsor at a later date.

·  If CAMPBELL is underway, report to Base Boston (617-223-3333). When reporting between the hours of 0800-1600 please check in at the Administration Office located in building 8, seventh floor. When reporting before 0800 or after 1600 please report to the Officer of the Day, or the Junior Officer of the Day. The civilian security guards at the main gate at the Base Boston will notify them of your arrival.


The Seacoast Region is within a short drive of four major airports.

·  Pease International Airport is in Portsmouth, NH at the former Pease Air Force Base. It is the closest airport, but flights are limited and regular service is only available from Trenton, NJ and Orlando, FL.

·  Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH is the airport most commonly used by CAMPBELL crewmembers. It is just under 1 hour from Portsmouth and is served by a variety of airlines.

·  Boston's Logan Airport is the biggest airport in the region and has flights to most major American cities. Traffic can be a concern at peak times.

·  The Portland International Jetport is also within an hour of Portsmouth and has daily flights to most major East Coast hubs.


Housing in the Portsmouth/Kittery area is fairly expensive. Housing depends on rank, dependent status, and duty station qualification.

Automated Housing Referral Network: Initial registration must be completed via .mil E-Mail.  For more information refer to ALCOAST 211/09.

·  New E-2 and E-3 members:  You will be allowed to move into Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH). UPH is off base, but government owned or rented. This is available on a limited basis. "CAMPBELL's housing officer is CPO Johnson".

·  E-2 and E-3 members with dependents OR E-4 and above regardless of dependent status: There is government housing in the vicinity of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. It is owned by the Navy and managed by GMH Military Housing, Inc. Members can also live on the economy. BAH rates vary by rank and time in service. The BAH table may be viewed here, use the following zip code: 03804. No matter what you decide, you should contact the housing officer at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for assistance.

·  ---Military Lease Clause: If you sign a private lease, be sure a military (transfer) clause is included in your lease.  The below military clause is example of one which should be used:

“The said LESSOR agrees that in the event said LESSEE shall be transferred by military orders from ____________, or be required to occupy government quarters, then, in either of such events, said LESSEE has and shall have the right to terminate this lease prior to the date of expiration there of by delivering to the LESSOR a thirty (30) day notice in writing of such transfer or assignment, and the effective date thereof, said notice to be sent to the LESSOR by registered mail.”

When contacting your sponsor ask them about Permissive Orders for House Hunting and Temporary Lodging Expense to determine if either of these will be necessary.

About the Area

The Seacoast Region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine is a wonderful place to live. The following will showcase some of the highlights of the area.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

·  "Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a secure facility that houses US Navy Nuclear Submarines. As such, NO WEAPONS SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO CAMPBELL FOR STORAGE WHILE REPORTING IN and random vehicle searches are conducted daily regardless of THREATCON status. All members require a military ID to gain entrance to the facility and additionally a temporary vehicle pass will be required. Temporary passes can be picked up from the pass office located outside Gate 2 (a sentry will direct you to the pass office). The taking of photographs while on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) is strictly prohibited unless previous authorization is received from the PNSY security staff."


Centrally located in beautiful and historic New England, Portsmouth is a classic New England seaport and college town bustling with activity throughout the year. Located approximately five miles south of the University of New Hampshire, Downtown Portsmouth boasts an impressive number of excellent restaurants, cafes, and specialty stores. Portsmouth is also a destination for history buffs. Settled in the 1600's, Portsmouth has played an important role throughout America's history. It is home to the historic John Paul Jones home as well as the host city for the negotiations that culminated in the Portsmouth Peace Treaty and ended the Russo-Japanese War. Indeed, Portsmouth's historical roots are both deep and well developed. The music and theater scene in Portsmouth is also vibrant. Check out the calendar at The Music Hall to see what is playing soon. Finally, Portsmouth is a great place to Kayak. On any given summer day, you're sure to see kayaks in the water and on car roofs all over the city.


Of course, for those of you that enjoy road trips, there is much within a hour drive from Portsmouth. Those that enjoy the lights and sounds of a big city will be happy to note that Boston, MA is just 1 hour away. C&J Trailways offers 12 daily trips from Portsmouth to Boston on weekends and holidays and 17 trips on weekdays.


Some of the most popular beaches in New England are located just miles from Portsmouth. Hampton Beach, NH is 12 miles south of Portsmouth and Maine beaches are located just miles to the north. All are clean, cold, and beautiful.


Skiing is also close. The nearest mountain is 30-45 minutes away and the East Coast's premier mountains are just 1-3 hours away.

For more information...




·  Seacoast Newspaper Group

·  Foster's Daily Democrat of Dover, NH



·  Kittery, ME Public Schools

·  Portsmouth, NH Public Schools

·  Dover, NH Public Schools

Chambers of Commerce


·  York/Kittery, ME Chamber of Commerce

·  Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

·  Dover, NH Chamber of Commerce


Navy Fleet and Family Support Center
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard