North Charleston, South Carolina

"Never Give Up"



Physical address: 5617 N Rhett Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406

Mailing address:  USCGC CALHOUN (WMSL 759)

                     1050 REGISTER STREET

                                   NORTH CHARLESTON, SC 29405

Commercial phone: (843) 834-9881

Unit Facebook page:  U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Calhoun - WMSL 759 | Facebook

E-mail: Until you are assigned a sponsor you may contact YN1 Fox at

Ombudsman: Edaliz Jorge, Dawn Gallapis and Elizabeth Murray are available to assist you and your families at

SPONSOR: Your assigned sponsor will reach out to you upon initial receipt of orders. That person will be your primary point of contact on USCGC CALHOUN and assist with the initial Check-In process.