Sector San Juan - Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) Puerto Rico:

Aids to Navigation Team Puerto Rico began its service to the mariner in 1976. Originally designated as a detachment of the USCGC SAGEBUSH, the need of a permanent operational facility was determined in 1980.

ANT Puerto Rico’s primary mission is Short Range Aids to Navigation and it is responsible for overseeing and maintaining 126 aids to navigation throughout an Area of Responsibility, which includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The unit also services 14 lighthouses that date back to the Spanish Colonial period. All of these lighthouses are included in the National Historic Register. ANT Puerto Rico also services the USCGC WILLOW aids to navigation within the unit’s AOR. 

As a multi-mission capable unit, ANT Puerto Rico may be tasked with supporting Search and Rescue, Ports Waterways and Costal Security, Alien Migration Interdiction Operations, Marine Environmental Protection missions, and also support Public Affairs activities for Sector San Juan to help generate and increase public awareness.

ANT Puerto Rico is comprised of 13 enlisted personnel, whom oversee and maintain two primary surface assets, which include a 26-foot Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB) and 55-foot Aids to Navigation Boat.

ANT Puerto Rico:

  • Phone: (787) 729-2347