“Forjado del Fuego”

CGC JOSEPH TEZANOS is a 154-foot Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter commissioned in 2016 and currently based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cutter Joseph Tezanos is one of Seven FRCs under the operational control of Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico. We conduct Counter-Drug, Alien-Migrant Interdiction Operations and Search and Rescue throughout a 1.3 square nautical mile area of responsibility which covers the central and eastern Caribbean. We engage with various agencies such as Customs & Border patrol, RSS, and local law enforcement to ensure that all local and federal laws are upheld on the high seas and all waters over which the United States has jurisdiction.

Ensign Joe Tezanos (U.S. Coast Guard photo)​
Coast Guard Heroes: Joseph Tezanos

Joseph Tezanos is the first American of Hispanic descent to join the United States Coast Guard’s reserve officer ranks. During World War II, Joseph Tezanos served as a Gunner’s mate and it was his heroic participation in rescue efforts on May 21, 1944 following an explosion of Ammunition at Pearl Harbor that earned him the Navy & Marine Corps Medal for distinguished heroism.

The Tezanos Sketchbook

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Address:  5 Calle La Puntilla, San Juan, P.R. 00901