Sector San Juan - Prevention Department

Marine Inspections 

The Marine Inspections Division is responsible for ensuring the safety of commercial vessels in the ports of Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands.  The division’s responsibilities include conducting commercial U.S. vessel inspections and Port State Control examinations of foreign-flagged vessels; including in providing documentation and licensing services to U.S. Merchant Mariners.  The U.S. fleet is comprised mainly of small passenger vessels inspected under Subchapters T and K and over 30 towing vessels under the 46 Code of Federal Regulations and several tank vessels and tank barges. The majority of the department’s workload comes from foreign-flagged freight and passenger vessels such as cargo vessels and cruise ships.  

Principally through on-scene vessel inspection activities conducted by experienced Marine Inspectors, the Coast Guard enforces an array of U.S. and international standards relating to the design, construction, and operation of U.S. commercial vessels.  Our Inspection program’s primary objective is to protect individuals, their property and the protection of the marine environment from the consequences of incidents involving material unsafe vessels.  Vessel inspections focus on lifesaving and firefighting systems, hull structure and machinery, pollution prevention, navigation systems, crew competency and emergency procedures.  The Inspections Division also conducts voluntary examination programs for Uninspected Passenger Vessels (UPV) and commercial fishing vessels. 

The ports in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands receive approximately 3,000 foreign vessel arrivals, annually.  These vessels are subject to many domestic and International laws and regulations while operating in U. S. waters.  The goals of this program are to reduce the risk posed by substandard vessels to the safety and security of our ports and the marine environment and to eliminate those substandard vessels from operating in the United States. The U.S. Coast Guard's Port State Control Program ensures all foreign vessels trading in the United States are periodically boarded.

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