“Fortuido Illimitate”

The USCGC WINSLOW GRIESSER’s namesake was awarded The Gold Lifesaving Medal for his brave actions on November 21st 1900. Griesser and other members of Buffalo Station, New York, were thrown from their lifeboat while rescuing two scows broken from their moorings. In the 80 mph winds and perilous sea state, Griesser sacrificed what little energy he had left to pull a stranded and near drowning man to shore, his life nearly lost in the process.

The USCGC WINSLOW GRIESSER (WPC-1116) is the 16th Sentinel- class, 154 foot cutter commissioned in the U.S. Coast Guard. USCGC WINSLOW GRIESSER patrols in the Puerto Rico AOR and incorporates its motto “Fortitudo Illimitate”, meaning Strength Without Bounds, each day. It’s crew made up of 26 Coastguardsmen, hold true to the Coast Guard core values honor, respect, and devotion to duty in order to always remain mission ready.

The USCGC WINSLOW GRIESSER conducts crucial counter drug, migrant interdictions, and search and rescue cases that transpire throughout the Caribbean. After the 2019 Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, the Griesser delivered relief aid and supplies, and provided District 7 key photos, in turn used to best respond to the Bahamian people’s need. In May 2020, Griesser interdicted fishermen guilty of shark finning, whom had 250 fins strung up throughout the vessel.

Winslow W. Griesser with his Gold Lifesaving Medal. U.S. Coast Guard photo

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