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 Sector San Juan - Prevention Department
Resident Inspection Office (RIO) St. Croix 


The USCG RIO St. Croix office routinely performs Marine Safety related operational functions throughout the island of St. Croix. They include conducting inspections aboard Small Passenger Vessels, Inspected Towing Vessels, and examinations aboard foreign vessels known as Port State Control; including Foreign Freight Vessels, Tank vessels (chemical and oil carriers), and Caribbean Cargo Ships. Along with vessel inspections, the RIO St. Croix office performs container inspections (including joint agency operations), facility inspections on LNG, mobile, and oil transfer facilities, marine casualty investigations, and pollution investigations. RIO St. Croix is also a direct representative and liaison for the Captain of the Port located at USCG SECTOR SAN JUAN.

Port State Control

The Limetree Bay Terminal on St. Croix is a large hub for foreign tank vessels and keeps the RIO office busy with examinations. Currently Limetree Bay Terminal is in the process of revitalization in which they plan to produce many oil related products such as Jet A fuel, gasoline, and the new low sulfur fuel; required to be used by all commercial shipping vessels. This project will increase the number of vessels received substantially, with the current number of vessels being around 30 per month and once the project is completed the estimated number of vessels are 80-100 per month.  

Life on St. Croix

All members of RIO live on the economy since there is no military housing on the island. The cost of living is relatively high compared to the averages of the United States (the high costs relate to groceries and shipping items to the island). One big differences most people notice right away is driving on the left side of the road opposed to the right side most Americans are use to. St. Croix has an average temperate of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and has numerous fine hotels, dinning, sightseeing, and outdoor activities year-round.

Contact Information:

LT Cory D. Woods

5090 Estate Solitude
Christiansted, VI 00820
Tel. (340) 227-4412
Fax. (340) 778-8185