U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area


The Atlantic Area Command Center coordinates Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Rescue Missions that occur on the
High Seas across and outside District Boundaries ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Arabian Gulf and spans 14 million square miles.

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Atlantic Area

Vice Admiral Kevin E. Lunday

Vice Admiral Steven D. Poulin

Deputy Commander
Atlantic Area

Rear Admiral Nathan A. Moore

Photo of RADM Nathan A. Moore

Command Master Chief
Atlantic Area

CMC Jeremy P. DeMello

CMC Jeremy P DeMello

Reserve Command Master Chief
Atlantic Area

Master Chief Justin P. Knudsen

Photo of Master Chief Justin Knudsen


Chief of Staff
Atlantic Area

Captain John F. Barresi

Captain John F. Barresi

Reserve Chief of Staff
Atlantic Area

Captain Ronzelle L. Green

CAPT Ronzelle L. Green

Chaplain, Atlantic Area
CAPT Clifford A. Stuart

Atlantic Area

William H. Thiesen, PHD

USCG Historian Atlantic Area